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SAPgenix offers an ecological SAP

SAPgenix offers an ecological SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) for the hygiene industry.

Our SAP is bio-degradable and biocompatible. It meets the highest industry's super absorbency standards set by “EDANA”. With our SAP, hygienic product manufacturers can offer their customers an environmentally friendly product, meet consumer trends and avoid regulatory risks.

What is the problem with the SAP commonly used in diapers?

Whereas most components of diapers have a compostable alternative, the absorbent core at the heart of the diaper is made from a polluting super absorbent plastic called polyacrylate.

There is no eco-friendly alternative to polyacrylate that has comparable functional performance and economic viability.

This is why, since the introduction of disposable diapers several decades ago, a fully compostable

diaper has never been developed.

It is widely believed that once a compostable diaper emerges, it will be driven to market dominance

by regulation and by customer demand.

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Polygreen's vision is to support the transition to sustainability in all aspects in which superabsorbent polymers are used or can be used. Here we present our contribution to sustainability in the hygiene industry. 




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About Us

Our mission is to address the major global plastic and micro-plastic waste challenge.

One of our missions is to address the major global plastic and micro-plastic waste challenge.

By reducing the amount of plastic waste generated by the hygiene industry we will make a significant impact leading to a cleaner environment.