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About Us

SAPgenix offers an ecological SAP

Our Story

SAPgenix provides the hygienic industry with an innovative environment-friendly SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) . 

The SAPgenix SAP is a fully bio-degradable and biocompatible SAP that meets the industry's super absorbency standards set by “EDANA”.

With our SAP, hygienic product manufacturers can offer their customers a healthier and environmentally friendly product, meet consumer trends and avoid regulatory risk. 

The problem with the current commonly used SAPs

The current commonly used SAPs (Super Absorbent Polymers) are petroleum based polymers that can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of liquid;
up to 50 times their weight in saline/urine and over 500 times their weight in distilled water.
The common SAP is non-biodegradable, which makes it a global ecological disaster. Diapers, which make up to 6% of solid residential waste, take over 100 years to decompose in landfills.

The common SAP is also non-bio-compatible. It typically contains more than 400 PPM free monomers that are hazardous  when in direct contact with the skin, which means it is banned for usage for various direct-skin-contact hygienic applications.

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